Rhonda Parker Taylor is an American writer, entrepreneur, and academic researcher.

Rhonda Parker Taylor is an American writer, entrepreneur, and academic researcher. Born on October 18, 1964, in Noblesville, Indiana, she is the second youngest of five children to Anita and William Parker, founders of a steel manufacturing company. Rhonda’s childhood was spent in the midst of cornfields and cows, attending Heritage Christian School in Indianapolis.

After completing a fashion merchandising program at Bauder College in Arlington, Texas, Rhonda returned to Indiana, where she eventually found her passion for writing. Her debut novel, “Crossroads,” a suspenseful masterpiece, was released in February 2023. Endorsed by bestselling author J.J. Hebert and Golden Globe-nominated actress Mariel Hemingway, the novel has been hailed as a captivating crime thriller that keeps readers intrigued from start to finish.

While pursuing her academic explorations, Rhonda attended the University of Phoenix for a doctoral program in business and earned an MBA and a bachelor’s in science management from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Rhonda’s diverse writing spans from educational works to fiction, and she is well-known for her research on emotional intelligence. Her academic achievements extend to being a prominent leader presented at the United Nations Global Compact Committee.

Beyond her writing, Rhonda has an extensive background in teaching and training, with a decade of experience in business, management, and leadership education. She has taught a wide range of business courses at various institutions, including the University of Indianapolis, Oakland City University, National College, and others.

As an entrepreneur, Rhonda founded Intelligence Solutions, providing training, development, academic research, and business writing services. Prior to this, she served as Campus Director and Professor at National College and co-directed a small to midsize advertising agency named Partnership Plus Design Studio.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Rhonda is an avid lover of nature, enjoying the outdoors, animals, birds, and mountains. She is a music enthusiast with an appreciation for various genres, and she loves cooking for others while exploring different foods and recipes. Reading and writing hold a special place in her heart, spanning from academic works to fiction and poetry.

Traveling is one of Rhonda’s passions, and she has extensively explored North America, as well as traveled abroad to various countries, including England, Scotland, Italy, Greece, and others.

Overall, Rhonda Parker Taylor is a multi-talented individual who continues to inspire and impact others through her writing, academic achievements, and entrepreneurial ventures, all while embracing life’s adventures with her husband and three dogs.


Class of 1983:  High School:  Heritage Christian School (Pre School through Senior Year)

1983-1984:  Bauder College, Arlington, Texas (1-year certificate program in Fashion Merchandising)

2000:  BSM, Business Science Management bachelor’s degree

2004:  MBA Masters Business Administration

2010:  DM/ABD Doctorate in Management and Leadership


Training and Development Summary:

Ten years in teaching all business areas: Extensive practical experience in business, management, and leadership. Trained in WebCT, Blackboard, and Campus Vue in an academic environment. For Parker, traveling allows one to get out of their comfort zone, experience new cultures, relax and unwind, create great memories, live in the present, and meet new people. 

Classes Taught:

Intro to Business, The Computer in Business, Principles of Accounting I, Intro to International Business, Business Math, Business Writing, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Management, Principles of Salesmanship, Human Resources, Supervisory Management, Consumer Behavior, Advertising and Promotion, Personal Finance or Survey of Economics 100.

Schools Taught between 2001-2009: 

University of Indianapolis, Oakland City University, International Business College, Indiana Business College, Vincennes University Military Campus, Vincennes University ABC, National Collage, ITT-Tech, and Concordia.


EA/LEA Management Development, Total Quality Management, Management Plus, Professional Communications, Diversity Training, Performance Review, Interviewing Techniques, PSI/JSI Stress Management, Myers Briggs Personality Style Training, Counseling for Better Performance, ACICS Accreditation Workshop, CCA 2008 Annual Convention


2009- Present Principal at Intelligence Solution 

Training, Developing, Academic Research, and Business Writing Services

2007-2009 National College

Campus Director and Professor

1994-2003 Partnership Plus Design Studio

Co-Director (Small to Midsize Advertising Agency)

1989 to 2000:  EFS Services

Project Team, Manager, and Supervisor of the student loan department in areas of Customer Service and Default Prevention.           

Community Service

Trinity Episcopal Church Indianapolis, Vestry, Youth Group Leader, Mapleton Fall Creek Housing Authority, Vice President and member. Mid North Church Council


Nature:  Parker loves all things outdoors. Animals, birds, water, mountains. 

Music:  All genres but no extreme of any of them.

Food: She loves cooking for others (cooking for others is her love language) and exploring different foods and recipes.

Reading and Writing:  All things reading and writing, from Academic to Fiction and Poetry

Traveling:  Parker has traveled throughout North America, Extensively visiting almost every region. She has traveled abroad to England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Mexico, and Canada. She would love to join the Travelers’ Century Club.

Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy