“Captivating crime novel that will keep you intrigued from start to finish.” J.J. Hebert.

Crossroads: A Suspense Thriller Novel by Rhonda Parker Taylor

Crossroads is a suspense thriller novel by Rhonda Parker Taylor, a journey of Paris Pennington’s life being turned upside down. “Crossroads” takes readers on a journey through the turbulent life of Paris Pennington. Paris is a dedicated workaholic whose world is suddenly thrown into chaos. As she confronts adversity, her life begins to unravel, and a series of tragic events pick apart the once-solid fabric of her existence.

When people around her start dying, Paris is forced to reevaluate her life choices and the path she is on. Called to jury duty and unexpectedly nominated as the foreman, Paris finds herself entangled in a high-stakes trial that mirrors the chaos of her own life. At a pivotal crossroads, she must decide whether to change course to fulfill her dreams or continue on a path fraught with danger and uncertainty. As she battles the ghosts of her past and the challenges of her present, loyalty is tested, and the forces of envy threaten to extinguish any hope for a brighter future.

Rhonda Parker Taylor delivers her most thrilling and complex character yet in Paris Pennington. Crossroads is a must-read for fans of suspense thrillers, offering a compelling blend of emotional depth and nail-biting tension.

Praise for Crossroads:

“Rhonda Parker Taylor’s suspense thriller novel keeps readers engaged in not only Paris’s personal life, but also the world of murder, tragedy, death and the hope for justice, keeping you literally at the edge of your seat and wondering what the outcome will be.”
— Golden Globe-nominated American actress and author Mariel Hemingway

“Captivating Crime Novel That Will Keep You Intrigued From Start To Finish.”
— USA Today, WSJ and No. 1 Amazon bestselling author and was named the “Entrepreneur to Watch in 2021” by International Business Times. J.J. Hebert.

A crossroad leads her to make a change and promises to fulfill her dreams while an embattled personal war between past and present comes together, testing loyalty and the forces of envy that may prevent tomorrow from coming.

Rhonda Parker Taylor’s most exciting suspense thriller fictional character ever.

Crossroads, A Suspense Novel

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Envy makes the bones rot…..
at the deepest level—the bones. And like a cancer, it had metastasized.