“Captivating crime novel that will keep you intrigued from start to finish.” J.J. Hebert.

She’s Paris Pennington.

A lovely workaholic about to be confronted with adversity and chaos, with challenges leading her to restlessness, uncertainty, and questioning her life choices and her current path. The fabric of her life begins to be picked apart as people around her start dying.

A crossroad leads her to make a change and promises to fulfill her dreams while an embattled personal war between past and present comes together, testing loyalty and the forces of envy that may prevent tomorrow from coming.

Rhonda Parker Taylor’s most exciting suspense thriller fictional character ever.

Crossroads, A Suspense Novel

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    • Crossroads: Balancing, Life, Family, And Career A Workbook Approach To Finding Peace. 
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Envy makes the bones rot…..
at the deepest level—the bones. And like a cancer, it had metastasized.